How does the RTRI compare to the HIV-1 LAg-Avidity EIA?

How does the RTRI compare to the HIV-1 LAg-Avidity EIA?

Both RTRIs are based on the same principle of using limiting antigen to distinguish recent or long-term infections (LT line) and use the same antigen as LAg-Avidity EIA but in a rapid lateral low format. The performance of the test in distinguishing recent or long-term infection is similar to the LAg assay at normalized optical density (ODn) cutoff of 2.0 corresponding to mean duration of recent infection (MDRI) of 6 months[1],[2].

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[2]Agyemang E., et al. Performance of a novel point-of-care HIV recency test among newly diagnosed pregnant adolescent girls and young women — Malawi, 2017. International AIDS Conference 2018 abstract number THPEC 200, 2018

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