The webinar recordings below have been presented by the TRACE Initiative team to support the roll-out of HIV recency testing. They are intended to be broad, informative sessions to cross-cutting stakeholders and partners as they prepare for recent HIV infection surveillance implementation. Recency surveillance activities have evolved over time, and the webinars may not reflect current recommendations. For technical assistance or questions regarding any materials presented, please visit Contact Us.

HIS Solutions for TRACE Data Capture and Data Management (February 2019)


Download TRACE HIS Solutions Slides

Download Kenya DREAMS Slides

Introducing the Online TRACE eLearning Hub (May 2019)


Download eLearning Hub Overview Slides

TRACE Recency Dashboard (June 2019)


Download Recency Dashboard Slides

TRACE Continuous Quality Improvement (August 2019)


Download TRACE CQI Slides

TRACE Data-Driven Quality (December 2019)



Download TRACE Data-Driven Quality Slides

TRACE Data Use (January 2020)



Download TRACE Data Use Slides

Virtual Training Approaches to Scale Up HIV-1
Recency Surveillance (October 2020)



Download Virtual Training Approaches Slides

TRACE Recent HIV-1 Infection Surveillance in Key Populations (August 2021)



Download TRACE Key Populations Slides