CQI Tool Kit

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is an ongoing, structured process, carried out by site-level staff to identify problems in quality care delivery, take remedial actions to achieve improvement, and carry follow-up monitoring to ensure no new problems arise and corrective steps have been effective. CQI aims to: understand the current level of quality of care; identify problems or gaps between actual quality and expected quality for that setting; introduce corrective actions into the care system; monitor high-risk, high-volume, or problem-prone aspects of health care; and frequently measure the effect of those changes on health outcomes and system performance.

This site-level CQI tool kit is intended to assist program staff throughout the entire continuous quality improvement cycle. This tool kit is meant to be an example of generic activities, processes, and tools to be adapted as necessary by CQI teams in various country contexts. It is intended to be downloaded, adapted, and utilized by stakeholders in various countries. For technical assistance in adapting the materials to suit specific context and needs, please visit Contact Us.